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About us

The CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF KOREA promotes “in-bound internationalization” with the GEO Program.


Our goal is to offer students challenging instruction that aims to develop communicative competence in a stimulating and natural manner.


As a GEO student you will communicate in English, learn about the world, and deveolped your global awareness. And the ones who understands your needs are the professors and teaching assistants from all over the worlds as well as Korean students who work as teaching assistants and had mastered English in GEO.

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We offer a range of programs for you to improve your English Skills. These range from groups to 1:1, from speaking to writing, from more formal to more informal.

Explore the pages under the ‘Programs’ menu to find the program that suits you best!


O.B.F. is our English Cafe in the Global Lounge where, together with a great beverage, you can practice your English with O.B.F. Masters, some international students and fellow classmates.

O.B.F. stand for –

  • Of the Students
  • By the students
  • For the students

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